A Brief Overview of the Company

NO-DIGTEC is changing the face of water and sewer line replacement and rehabilitation through a sustainable, state-of-the-art approach that produces superior results for our customers evolving us into one of the largest trenchless pipe bursting contractors serving the North Texas area.

Over the past 10 years, NO-DIGTEC has installed over 550,000 LF, or 100 miles, of pipe ranging in size from 6” to 34” utilizing the trenchless pipe bursting method of rehabilitation. Our team of highly trained specialists have combined over a 100 years of experience in underground utilities, possessing the equipment, technology and experience needed in this specialized industry.

We deeply value the relationships built with our customers over the past two decades. We do a good job and believe in “long-term” relationships making our company one of the premier providers for Water and Wastewater collection main replacement and rehabilitation projects for many municipalities in North Texas across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Construction work underground

Safety is always first! Safety is essential in everything we do, working to accomplish this goal by providing regular safety training and education to not only our team members but also providing trenchless technology education to municipalities and engineers across North Texas.

Education is key! Frequent appearances as a guest speaker for countless events working as a lead educator for all stakeholders across the municipal, regulatory and construction space in the education, development and advancement of the trenchless pipe bursting process.

Our company’s way of conducting business and abilities have received numerous distinctions and recognition with several of our trenchless projects having been used as case studies and featured in multiple industry publications.

List of Publications

  • Blue Book- The Who’s Who in Building Construction, Fall/Winter 2020 – “PIPE BURSTING – NO-DIGTEC Takes Pipe Replacement Trenchless”
  • Plumber, January 2019 – “Emergency Situation: New Sewer Line Needed Stat”
  • NASTT – Texas & Oklahoma Trenchless Report 2018 – “Pipe-Bursting Fixes Community Water Systems”
  • Underground Construction, October 2017 – “Bursting in Grand Prairie”
  • Underground Construction, May 2017 - Cover
  • Trenchless International, Winter 2015 - “Bursting into the Unknown”
  • Dig Different, August 2015 – “Bursting into the Business”
  • Cleaner, August 2015 – “A Vision of the Future”
  • Underground Construction, October 2014 – “Pipe Burst – A Walk in the Park for NO-DIGTEC”
  • Trenchless Technology, October 2014 – Rehabilitation Runner Up for 2014 “Trinity River Recreation Area Pipe Burst”
  • Cleaner, September 2014 – “Dual Assist, Pipe Bursting Help a Texas Contractor Meet Major Challenges”
  • Opflow: American Water Works Association, August 2014 – “Infrastructure Renewal, Parks and Preservation Trees, Upsizing Challenge, Pipe-Bursting Project”

List of Speaking Engagements and Teaching

  • University of Texas at Arlington, Guest Lecturer – Pipeline Construction and Trenchless Technology – Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE) –
  • July 2021, June 2019, May 2019, July 2018, June 2017, July 2017, June 2016, July 2015, August 2014, January 2014, July 2013
  • Louisiana Tech University, Guest Lecturer – NASTT Pipe Bursting Good Practices, January 2009 / NO DIG Conference Lecturer, March 2004
  • NASSCO Pipeline Assessment Certification Program, Guest Lecturer – Pipeline Assessment and Manholes, February 2019
  • North Texas Municipal Water District Program – HDPE Pipe, December 2017
  • Underground Construction Technology, Speaker – International Conference & Exhibition Educational Sessions, February 2014

Contact us if you have any questions on how pipe bursting can help you to save time and money confidently knowing that NO-DIGTEC provides the best possible value for your water and sewer replacement project.